Plastic waste has become one of the biggest environmental hazards in today’s world; landfills are overflowing with non-degradable plastic, plastic products are discarded in masses, and a whopping 80% of oceanic waste is – you guessed it – plastic. And this is where Greenpler’s comes in; by making a small change that seems insignificant, plastic waste can be cut back by millions of pounds each year.

As of today, consumers in the U.S. alone use more than 500,000,000 plastic straws daily. Imagine if this amount was cut by a third, or half, or someday entirely – the positive effects on the environment would be tremendous. The thought about this small change that would make a huge difference came to my mind when I was having a chilled lemonade at the beach. As an avid surfer, I know all too well how plastic is ruining the ocean, so I always try to do my part and ask for drinks with no straws. On that day, I forgot to ask the waiter to bring me a drink without a straw, so naturally, he gave me one along with my lemonade. And then it struck me; this small plastic item is used and discarded by millions of people every day, and they are unaware of its impact on their world.

I decided to speak with the manager, and during our pleasant conversation, he told me that he would love to have a less harmful solution to the straw issue, but currently, he had none. For me that was a wakeup call; I decided that I will find a solution and get back to him as soon as I had one. After research in the matter, I discovered that stainless-steel straws provide a great way to enjoy beverages without harming the environment, and that was how Greenpler was born. Our website now offers a variety of stainless-steel straw packs for home or business use everyone can enjoy. All the products are FDA approved, BPA free, and environmentally friendly, so my promise to the restaurant owner was kept. Much like with restaurant cutlery, the straws will be cleaned after every use, and as I told the manager on that day at the beach – customers will get around to the idea once they see how the small change will have a huge impact on the world around them.

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